Novecento di Baricco prima opera letteraria in Nft – Libri – Altre Proposte

Alessandro Baricco is the first Italian literary author to create the NFT starting with one of his works. Indeed, in the early days of 2022, Baricco launched OpenSea, along with a team of experts, the first Italian literary work in Ntf format entitled Novecento.
source code. Nft (Non-Fungible Token) is a certificate proving ownership and source of a digital asset.
With artistic supervision from Serena Tabachi, curator, director and co-founder of the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art, Bruno Petzales, expert in the art of cryptography and communication, and Massimo Francesche, professor of blockchain and crypto assets, Baricco penned a recording of his own audio interpretation of Novecento, the work that made him world-famous, making him NFT. Novecento Nft has already been released on the OpenSea Market (can be heard at and will go on sale in March.
“Something is happening today – explains Alessandro Barrico – and it is happening in the box formed by these four points: blockchain, cryptocurrency, Nft and Dao. Inside there is something that has the potential to change our lives as much, as it did ten years ago with Apps , for example. So I said to myself: I want to end up inside this box, and the best way to find out what was there is to do an NFT. It seemed to me that no one had done this using Literature attracted me and this too much, to spoil a few cards of my literary production world , which is still very old. With the help of some experts, I have produced Nft, a new chapter of the game and another chapter in my history with the history of Novecento, which is probably the source code for all my work.” (Dealing).

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