Newcastle Knights NRLW team eager to make history as players prepare for opening fixture

The Newcastle Knights NRLW haven’t played a game yet, but players are keen to build a positive culture that will generate long-term success.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the 2021 NRLW competition to be postponed, so the riders had to wait to send in their opening team.

New Zealander Crystal Rota arrived in Newcastle this week to start training, ahead of the team’s historic first match on February 27.

A number of Kiwis were part of the men’s team when the club played in its first season in 1988.

Rota is one of nine New Zealanders on the women’s team.

She said it was great that a group of Kiwis also helped launch the female side.

“It’s such an honor to be on the inaugural Knights team and to start that again in the women’s space,” she said.

While Rota hasn’t picked up the red and blue yet, she wants to get the team together.

“I want to leave the impression that our team is united,” she said.

“I’m interested in culture, I want people to remember us as a team that held together and united together.”

Romy Tetzel is eager to start the season after all the delays.(Supplied: Newcastle Knights)

Tetzel keen to play after the wrong start

Romy Tetzel has moved from Queensland to Newcastle for the second time after a false start last year.

“[We’ve] You just had to be flexible and work it out, things weren’t perfect and obviously a lot of the players that were transferred came here and there were things that we couldn’t help.”

“With that came the isolation and lockdown and then obviously some hotels are in quarantine to go home which is not ideal.

“But we all came back here very excited and eager to get started.”

As a new team in the NRLW competition, the Knights are considered underdogs, but Tetzel believes the team has a lot to offer.

“The international girls are from the Kiwis and then a lot of the girls I’ve played with in North Queensland and I know exactly what they can do.”


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