Nasce ‘WeVoz’, social network solo di messaggi vocali – Software e App

Palermo – Sicilian startup WeVoz, from Termini Imerese specialist in “audio content”, has launched a new “Made in Italy” social network on the market entirely dedicated to the audio site, accessible from all browsers and app preview. The word “WeVoz” combines the English word “We” (which we meant to be a community of people) with the Spanish word “Voz” (voice). The value of the community lies at the center: the user can freely express his or her personality, while respecting differences of thought and within the limits of the law. The free social networking service enriches the effectiveness of text with the convenience of voice to provide the user with an interactive, innovative and “screenless” experience.

With a clear and easy-to-use graphic layout, the new Social Audio has an infrastructure that provides live and accessible content to everyone. It is the Twitter of audio with which the community can interact through “voz”, short-lived audio contents that are scrolled across the timeline through an automated player. The system allows the content to be reproduced continuously allowing the user to be social without using the screen and doing other activities. Unlike other platforms, WeVoz is equipped with “speech-to-text” technology: a proprietary, latest generation model that allows you to transcribe the voice message simultaneously.

“WeVoz is a new way to socialize, communicate and connect with others in a healthy way without having to stay glued to a screen – explains Christian De Santi, one of its co-founders -. It is the first social network to put the user life at the center of the entire project and view the community as a goal rather than a tool. Unlike other social networks, WeVoz’s algorithm does not affect the spread of content but the users themselves who reward the most famous voices. It is a unique platform in the digital landscape, an ambitious project that in 2022 will include voice guides, creators, companies and users of all ages”, It also concludes.

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