Military launches formal proceedings unvaccinated troops

OTTAWA – Formal action has been launched against more than 900 members of the Canadian Armed Forces for refusing to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, the Department of National Defense said.

Chief of Defense Staff General Wayne Eyre ordered all military personnel to certify that they had been fully vaccinated by mid-October. The deadline was later extended to mid-December.

Defense Ministry spokesman Daniel Le Bothelier said reviews had begun against 100 members of the armed forces at the end of December for repeatedly refusing to take hits.

Another 800 people received warnings and orders to attend counseling and other remedial actions, and could also be forced to hang up their uniforms if they didn’t get the shot.

Le Beauthélier says 44 full-time members of the armed forces volunteered to leave the army rather than be stabbed, along with an unknown number of part-time reservists.

Last month, a federal court rejected a request by several members of the armed forces to prevent the military from forcing them to vaccinate, the latest in a string of legal defeats for federal government employees struggling with vaccine requirements.

This report was first published by The Canadian Press on January 14, 2022.


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