Milan, Massara: “Botman? Il Lille non lo dà. Conti alla Samp domani”

Frederic Massara, Rossoneri sporting director, spoke to Sky Sport ahead of the Venice-Milan match in round 21 of the 2021-2022 Serie A Serie A match.

Frederick Massara Rossoneri, sporting director, spoke to ‘Microphones’.Sky Sports‘ Before Venice and MilanToday’s game, twenty-first Italian Football League 2021-2022. Here are his statements.

On loan from Conte to Sampdoria: “It is being defined, and could be closed tomorrow.”

In the January market: “Our priority, after Kajer’s injury, is the central defence. If there is a chance to strengthen ourselves, we will be ready.”

Sue Putman: “He’s an excellent player, but I don’t think Lille want to sell him now. There are a lot of names on the table, and the transfer market is still long.”

On the names of the defense: “There are many possibilities for evaluation, this is also an uncertain period from an economic point of view, and therefore we must be very careful. All possibilities should be evaluated.”

Your LiaoHe is a crystal talent, he has matured a lot in recent months, and now he has continuity he didn’t have before. He will have a great future. We want to build the future Milan on him and other players. He also talks to his agent about renewal ” .

On the arrival of a potential attacker: “We have to monitor this area of ​​the stadium in the future, but not immediately. We also have Pellegrii who we believe in a lot. If there are possibilities, I do not believe in the advanced division in this transfer period, the club will be ready.”

On the company’s work: “The club always comes first, and Milan above everything. We don’t want to be ethical, we make choices based on our needs. We want to be competitive in a sustainable way. We have to follow this policy and other clubs are doing that too.”

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