Michela Murgia a Ghost Hotel su Sky racconta 7 icone del ‘900 – Tv

(ANSA) – Rome, January 13 – From Truman Capote to Mata Hari, and from Nikola Tesla to Anis Nin. Then Palma Bucarelli, Kiki de Montparnasse and Man Ray. Told through their unforgettable stories but also through the objects, pictures and memories that were left or lost in the hotel rooms and corridors “a symbol” of their existence. The new Sky Original production debuts at the Sky Ghost Hotel, with Michela Murgia, under the guise of a gritty hotel concierge, a profession that the writer had already practiced before the great success of her novels.

Designed and created by Ruvido Produzioni and written by Michela Morgia, Donato Dallavalle and Valentina Batavina, Ghost is on air from January 18 at 9.15pm on Sky Arte, also available on request and streaming on Now.

The programme, created with the support of the Sardegna Film Commission Foundation, is a world, a passage between reality and dream, an ideal place containing the stories of the great twentieth-century heroes of art and culture who, in the corridors of the Michela Murgia Hotel intertwine even one moment of their extraordinary lives, leaving you piece of itself.

In each episode, the writer challenges the disturbing nocturnal presence that inhabits the ghost hotel by entering a different room each evening, searching for the traces left by six major characters from the 20th century. Searching among the objects, images and memories that the heroes left in the room, he recalls their stories, emotions and failures, and also reveals their intimate and unknown sides. From the childhood traumas of Truman Capote, consumed by the Montillon Hotel in New Orleans, to the first secret feelings of the Nin people among the papers of the Central Hotel in Paris, through the mysterious hermitage of the high-tech masterpiece Nikola Tesla. New Yorker Hotel.

Mysteries, emotions and revelations that emerge thanks to the use of exciting repertoire images, unreleased choreography, original music and above all thanks to Murgia’s ironic and corrosive storytelling. (Dealing).

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