Malagò: ‘Bene Lega sugli stadi, ora nuovo protocollo’ – Calcio

“The Football League was right to choose to reduce the capacity of the stadiums, because there is a huge risk that the government will abandon its decision from above.” This is how Coni President Giovanni Malaghi spoke at Skysport about restricting the public to football matches in light of the new wave of Covid. “The Medical Sports Federation with Cones is preparing a new protocol – Malago added, so whoever organizes the tournament has the right and the duty to make the decisions.” Regarding the non-standardized interventions of the local health authority and the TAR, No. 1 of Coni emphasized that in this way it “loses credibility”.

Bologna strongly opposes the league’s decision to hold the Cagliari-Bologna match on Tuesday evening, Which was supposed to take place today but was postponed due to the quarantine imposed by Usl on the team after many positive cases. With a note on the site, the company defines the association’s decision as “incomprehensible”, “a non-motivating, punitive and unjust choice.” So players should “play a league game on Tuesday without actually being able to train for a week”.

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