Living Things Festival returns to Kelowna, B.C. for 6th year with unique lineup – Okanagan

Balancing a wine glass on top of a sword balancing a dagger in someone’s mouth while snapping their fingers is just one of the many highlights to see at this year’s Festival of Living Things.

The festival returns to Kelowna for its sixth year on January 14 and features artists from France, Montreal, Vancouver, the United States and Okanagan.

“It has to do with how we as humans treat non-humans,” said Neil Kadger of the Festival of Living Things.

“We offer all the different specialties in different pieces throughout the festivals, so there’s really a variety.”

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The performers will explore that relationship in this year’s lineup, including a show called rotten thing It has been described as an object theater with a hint of puppetry, as well as an experimental musical performance called It looks like things And live things club He asks what is on the other side of the black hole.

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Performer Jay ‘Jay Flair’ Chun is a cabaret participant.

“Jay Flair is this silly, eccentric wizard who isn’t a wizard doing magic,” Chun said as she teased her performance.

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Also starring in the cabaret is Matthew ‘Poki’ McCorkle, who will take the show to new heights with his unique performances, including stacking wine glasses on swords and illusions of collars.

“I combined circus, mime, magic, and comedy,” McCorkel said.

Tickets are now available. The curtain is open on January 14th until the grand finale on January 30th. For more information on showtimes and assortment, visit

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Global Okanagan calendar campaign raises record amount

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