Lavoro: cambia colloquio, come ha vissuto il lockdown? – Economia

Those looking for a job, who are contacted for an interview after submitting their resume in response to an advertisement, should not be surprised by a question like “How did you go through months of closing?” Or perhaps from a more complex question like “What did you do during the pandemic to improve your professional or personal situation?”.
The proposal comes from Adami & Associati, “capability hunters,” which has revised its hunting and staff selection methodology following restrictions imposed by the pandemic.
The health emergency, the company explains, has caused companies to rethink the way they confront and perceive crises, with consequences for production, management, etc. “As a result of all this, job interviews have also changed dramatically, and both the people looking for a new job and the employees and HR managers who will find themselves running or participating in these micro-meetings should be aware of this,” asserts Carola Adami, founder of Adami & Associati .

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