Landslides in Brazil obliterate historic mansion, kill at least 12

Historic 18th century mansion located in the city center Brazil It was obliterated by a landslide.

The palace, which belongs to Ouro Preto City Hall, in the central region of Minas Gerais, existed for 250 years before it was destroyed in just moments.

The heavy rain hit the forest-covered slope, causing a wall of earth to fall onto the palace.

The house was destroyed by a landslide. (nine)

No one was hurt during this particular incident but the city mourns a dear teacher.

However, at least 12 people have died in landslides in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais since the weekend.

The area has been hit by torrential rain, and authorities are keeping an eye on dams that could burst.

Firefighters in the southeastern state found five people from the same family, two of them children, buried on a hill near the state capital Belo Horizonte.

A two-hour drive away, in the city of São Gonçalo de Rio Abaixo, a 10-year-old girl was killed when a wall collapsed in her bedroom while she was sleeping, according to a statement from the state civil defense agency on Tuesday. .

An aerial view of rubble and rubble after the flooding of Rio das Velhas on January 12, 2022 in Honorio Picalho, Brazil. Heavy rains over the weekend caused landslides and floods in the Minas Gerais region. Highest alert has been issued due to the dangers of the Carioca Dam in Barra de Minas erupting as a result of heavy rain. According to the authorities, 10 people were killed between Sunday and Monday, and the number of affected people reached more than 17,000. (Photo by Bader (GT)

Three more deaths occurred in the city of Karatinga, the bulletin said, and in the city of Ervalia a 20-year-old died when a bar landslide collapsed.

The state had announced two more deaths on Sunday.

She said 145 municipalities were in a state of emergency due to the floods that have already forced more than 17,000 people from their homes.

Other states have also experienced deadly rain in recent months.

Bahia reported 26 rain-related deaths in November and December, and more than 100,000 people were evacuated in different states during the rainy season.

Parts of Minas Gerais accumulated more than 400 mm of rain in the first 10 days of the year, according to Brazil’s Meteorological Institute.

Women clean a shop flooded by the Rio das Velhas river in Honorio Picalho. (GT)

That’s still less than the 950mm of rain recorded for the whole of January 2020 – the highest recorded for this month.

The institute expected rain in the state after Thursday only.

In addition to collapsing hillsides that have claimed lives and closed roads, state authorities have said they are concerned about the risks that the levees could erode.

They were monitoring 42 dams in the state, three of which are considered high risk, according to a document released by the National Mining Agency on Tuesday.

The authorities expressed concern that the retaining wall of the Carioca hydroelectric dam was overflowing, under which riverside residents evacuated their homes, including in the town of Barra de Minas.

A man clears mud after the flooding of the Rio das Velhas river. (GT)

In a social media post, the town’s mayor said firefighters used a helicopter to rescue 130 people stranded by the swollen river.

Minas Gerais has been the site of two recent tragedies caused by dam ruptures. In 2019, more than 200 people died when a dam collapsed in Brumadinho, and in 2015, another dam collapse killed 19 people.

The flood death total did not include the people who died when a towering slab of rock broke off a canyon wall in the state’s southern region and fell onto boats, killing 10.

Some roads in Lithgow were closed due to flooding.

Lithgow was hit by flash floods after heavy rain

Authorities said rainfall may have contributed to the collapse of the rock, but they are still investigating the causes.

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