La ribellione antimafia di Palermo va in scena al Massimo – Teatro

The 2022 season of the Teatro Massimo in Palermo is dedicated to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the 1992 Mafia massacres and the opening of Giuseppe Verdi “I Vespri Siciliani” on January 20 at 19:00, no exception.
What in 1282 was Vespers in Palermo against the French occupiers, today has become a revolt against the underworld, the mafia, a crime that has caused so much grief to the city and to the whole of Italy. Two champions: Emma Dante’s direction and Omar Meir Wilbur’s direction. Two different innovative skills meet on the land of Palermo we will see in the scenes of Carmen Maringola, its squares, the streets that witnessed the blood of the martyrs, and also the reaction of the people of ’92, indignation and resentment. The pain of a persecuted people, worse than the rule of Angevin. On stage we will see pictures of referees Falcon and Porsellini, guardsmen, Boris Giuliano, Peppino Impastato and many others. On stage for the first time in Palermo, the original version of the opera, in French and in five acts, according to Parisian custom, the dancers wanted to center the opera. “Grand-opéra – director Wellber for ANSA – gave about 30 minutes of dances, used by the ballet troupe but also by the audience who ate and drank in those 30 minutes, today for this new production I thought about distributing the dances where the narration is needed Chosen by Emma Dante, after the duet of love, we will perform “Spring”, and “Autumn” which is a kind of tarantula, with three instruments: double bass, accordion and clarinet. All notes by Verdi, no raids of any kind. And then you will hear the echoes of Nino Rota Tiger, Visconti. “Vespers already from the opening – continues the master – gives us luminous and captivating music. Yes, it is true, it is not played much, it lasts a little more than 4 hours, but the duration is not felt because each act is different, leading us into another atmosphere. Each Italian composer It has its own identity, Verdi’s identity comes from subtle but very deep melodic lines, as in the premise of the most famous song “O tu Palermo, terra adore”. And dry and brave that is not simple at all.”
In the fifth act, when the bells for Vespers rang, revolt broke out, with one last surprise announced which no one yet wanted to reveal. But the Israeli director, who has witnessed many wars since his birth and is a few steps away from one of the many fronts of confrontation with the Palestinians, notes: “It is true that I grew up with the conflict. But it is completely different wars here, it is easier for you to recognize who is a criminal who is not a criminal, and the borders Well defined. Unfortunately, with us, things are more complicated…”.
Verdi composes the song “I vespri” after the resounding success of the trilogy, free from any restrictions and creates a historical mural as he would later do with “Don Carlos”. Costumes by Vanessa Sneno, choreography by Manuela Lo Secco. The Ballet Troupe is directed by David Pompana and the choir is by Cerro Visco. Among the protagonists of the novel are Celine Zanetti, Leonardo Kimi, Mattia Oliveri, Luca Titolo. On stage until January 26. (Dealing).


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