La Cina sospende 26 rotte internazionali a ridosso Olimpiadi – Asia

Three weeks before the start of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, China suspended 26 air routes – including 4 from the United States and others from cities such as Melbourne, Frankfurt, Paris, Vancouver, Toronto, Milan and Cairo – due to Covid injuries.
The measure, announced by the Civil Aviation Authority, aims to reduce the risk of imported cases, especially after the tensions that emerged in Shanghai, which yesterday reported 5 cases.
The station, which begins on January 24, includes two flights each of American Airlines and Delta Airlines, whose last flights carried, respectively, 7 and 9 passengers who tested positive for the virus.

Yesterday, China recorded a total of 201 cases, of which 143 were domestic transmission and 58 imported, according to the updates of the National Health Commission. Of the 143 internal infections, 98 appeared in Henan, 34 in Tianjin, 8 in Shaanxi, 2 in Shanghai and one in Guangdong. On the other hand, the 58 imported cases concern 9 provinces. In Shanghai, in addition to the five confirmed and asymptomatic cases, another 9 suspects were identified from abroad. The Commission spoke of 42 new global convergences.

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