Khizi-Absheron Wind Power Plant is Azerbaijan’s successful start of “green energy” policy

Baku, Azerbaijan, Jan. 15

Written by Ilchin Mehdiyev – Direction:

The groundbreaking ceremony for the 240 MW “Khizi Absheron” wind power plant to be built in Azerbaijan was held with the participation of President Ilham Aliyev on January 13.

The construction of a wind farm is an important step towards the transition to “green energy” and in the direction of reliable energy security in the country.

According to Aidin Huseynov, a member of the Azerbaijani parliament and a member of the Azerbaijani-China Working Group on International Parliamentary Relations, this is a very important economic event, and it can also be considered as another success of Azerbaijan’s energy diplomacy regarding the diversification of energy policy in the region. He added that one of the main objectives of the energy security policy led by the head of state is to promote the use of renewable energy sources.

Aidin Huseynov indicated that 300,000 families will be provided with electricity through the operation of this station.

“At the same time, 220 million cubic meters of gas will be saved, which will prevent the release of 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As a result, our country’s position as a country with strong energy resources will be strengthened, and a contribution will be made to ensure ecological balance,” Huseynov added. By reducing emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, Azerbaijan will become one of the leading countries in implementing the “green energy” strategy.

Deputy of the Azerbaijani Parliament, Azer Badamov, said that the fight against climate change is the most important issue of concern to the international community.

“Reducing the volume of harmful emissions and switching to “green energy” are among the priorities of the global agenda. The countries of the world are developing certain plans to reduce the share of nuclear power plants, and to replace coal and gas-fired power plants with “green energy.” Representative Badamov said: “The President announced Ilham Aliyev defines the lands liberated from the Armenian occupation as “green energy” areas. In response to global challenges, Azerbaijan is taking important steps to increase the share of “green energy” in the energy sector.

The Khizi Absheron wind power plant will contribute to ensuring the energy security of Azerbaijan.

The implementation of this project, in addition to attracting 300 million dollars of foreign investment in the economy of Azerbaijan, will save 220 million cubic meters of natural gas and prevent the release of 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The electricity generated by the Khizi Absheron wind farm will provide electricity to 300,000 homes.

10,000 megawatts of renewable electricity can be produced in the liberated territories. In addition, work is underway to develop offshore wind energy. All this will strengthen Azerbaijan’s position as the largest exporter of electricity in the region and promote the country’s dynamic economic development.


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