Kazakhstan: governo, oltre 5.100 arresti da inizio disordini – Mondo

Local media quoted Kazakh Interior Minister Erlan Turgumbayev as saying that 5,135 people have been arrested in Kazakhstan since the violent riots that broke out during the week and left dozens dead on the ground began. He adds that the arrests were made in connection with 125 different investigations. According to the Kazakh minister, the economic damage from the riots and violence amounts to about 175 million euros, with more than 100 bank branches looted and 400 cars destroyed.
It seems that the tense calm has returned to Almaty and other Kazakh cities: “Today the situation has stabilized in all regions of the country,” Turgumbayev said, adding that “the anti-terrorist operation continues to restore order in the country.”
An AFP correspondent noted that from time to time gunshots are heard in the air by agents and soldiers to prevent people from flocking to the central square in the former capital Almaty.
Meanwhile, about thirty supermarkets have reopened their doors, according to local media, allowing residents to shop after days of stress.

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