Russia’s Putin says he hasn’t decided whether to run again for president in 2024

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that he has not yet decided whether to run for a new six-year term in the Kremlin when his current term expires in 2024. Putin has been in power as president or prime minister since the turn of the century, making him the Kremlin’s longest-serving leader since Joseph Stalin. … Read more

Russian authorities investigate Netflix after “gay propaganda” complaint

Russia is investigating Netflix after its commissioner general for the protection of families accused the broadcasting company of violating Russia’s law on “gay propaganda”, Vedomosti daily reports. Commissioner, Olga Baranits, complained to the Interior Ministry that Netflix violated a 2013 law banning the dissemination of “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” among Russians under the age … Read more

Russian President Putin took part in trials of nasal form of COVID-19 vaccine

Russian President Putin participated in trials of the nasal form of the COVID-19 vaccine Putin was revaccinated against the coronavirus on Sunday with the Russian Sputnik Lite bullet. Russian President Putin participated in trials of the nasal form of the COVID-19 vaccine (Image: Reuters) .

US seeks balance as fears grow Russia may invade Ukraine

The build-up of Russian forces near Ukraine has left US officials confused, muddling the Biden administration’s response. Some Republican lawmakers are pressing the United States to increase military support for Ukraine. But this risks turning what may be a flexing of muscle by Russian President Vladimir Putin into an all-out confrontation that only increases the … Read more

Russia begins supplying S-400 air defence missile system to India despite US sanctions risk

On Sunday, Russian news agencies reported, citing Dmitry Shugaev, head of the Russian Military Cooperation Agency, that Russia has started supplying India with S-400 air defense missile systems. The supplies put India at risk of US sanctions under a 2017 US law aimed at deterring countries from buying Russian military hardware. “The first supplies have … Read more