In Cina la città di Tianjing fa 14 milioni di tamponi per 20 casi – Asia

The Chinese city of Tianjin began this morning to survey all its 14 million residents, with the aim of completing them within two days, due to the emergence of 20 cases of Covid-19 infection in the coastal city, including some children and adolescents, including two infected people. Omicron variant.
In compliance with the “zero tolerance” policy towards the virus, also in light of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which will start on February 4, Tianjin residents staying at home have been invited to undergo community molecular testing. With the caveat that as long as they are not tested negative for the swab, residents will not receive a QR code for negativity, a “green lane” that allows them to use public transportation and enter shops and clubs. Tianjin, which serves as the port of Beijing, is connected to the capital, 150 kilometers away, by a high-speed railway.
In China, the cities of Xi’an in Shaanxi Province and Liuzhou in Henan remain closed at the moment, while residents of Zhengzhou, in the same province of Henan, are also being subjected to mass swabs.

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