Il governo australiano: ‘Djokovic va respinto’ – Calcio

For the Australian government, Covid infection is not a sufficient reason to obtain medical exemption and Novak Djokovic has not provided further clear evidence of a contraindication to the vaccine. Therefore, the Serbian champion cannot enter the country or participate in the Australian Open, and regardless of the court ruling that called for the ruling to cancel the visa, the choice not to allow Djokovic to enter Australia is up to the government. On the eve of tonight’s hearing, this is the position of the Australian Executive, contained in the response to be brought to the hearing.

A few hours after the hearing on the validity or invalidity of the Serbian player’s anti-Covid certificate to enter Australia and participate in the Australian Open, the Melbourne court published the response that the Australian government will submit to the court, through which the Australian government lawyers confirm the fact that the Serbian champion “has not been vaccinated.” “. As stated in point 64, there are no guarantees for a non-Australian national to enter the country. In fact, there are criteria for entry and reasons for visa cancellation or refusal. Despite Djokovic’s assertion that his requests meet the requirements of being able to travel to Australia without being quarantined, the Home Secretary has the power to check the evidence and revoke his visa. In conclusion, the document states that Novak Djokovic’s request must be rejected. In another important step of the document, the government reaffirms its right to cancel the visa even if the court approves Djokovic and cancels the first visa cancellation. This is because “Australia, as a sovereign nation, maintains the utmost discretion as to who it allows into its country.”

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