‘I don’t know where she is’: 7-year-old abducted by dad who doesn’t want her vaccinated

For two months, Mariekar Jackson has been trying to find her seven-year-old daughter who she says her ex-husband took her to an undisclosed location because he didn’t want the girl to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Now, Regina’s mother, Sask, turns to the public for help in a desperate attempt to find the little girl.

“In a pandemic, we just want to be with our family. We just want everyone to be safe and I don’t know where she is,” Jackson told CTV National News.

“It’s not good for a seven-year-old to live in hiding. It just breaks my heart.”

Michael, Jackson’s ex-husband, refused to return seven-year-old Sarah after a visit in November. Marikar wanted her daughter to be vaccinated; Michael, who is against the vaccine, has not.

Marikar believes that Sarah is far from the other children, out of school and in hiding.

Meanwhile, Michael appeared on a right-wing talk show from an unknown location last week to discuss his views against a vaccine. During the interview, which was uploaded to the online platform Rumble, he and the host shared unsubstantiated and proven stories about COVID-19 vaccines, including false claims that the mRNA vaccine alters human DNA.

“I am her father, my job is to protect her,” he says in the video.

“Even if there is a one in a million chance that your daughter won’t die, but a one in a million chance that she can’t have a child, wouldn’t that be enough?”

The missing girl appears in the background most of the interview. At one point, the host asks if the daughter wants the vaccine, at which point her father points the camera at her.

The girl said, “It can change your DNA. I don’t think God wants me. It can make you sick and kill you.”

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Saskatchewan says it is investigating but will not provide further comment on the matter.

Her mother says she still wants her daughter to be vaccinated, but says her main concern is that she gets home safely. She says she is ready to make the decision in court and let the judge decide.

Lawrence Pinsky, a family attorney in Winnipeg, Mann, says these types of vaccine disputes are becoming more common in Canada as the pandemic continues.

“[This] It has changed over time and it has become a vaccination issue where people are asking the court to either vaccinate or prohibit their children from being vaccinated,” Pinsky told CTV National News.

“But the courts have been very clear across the country, but, particularly in Manitoba, the initial assumption is that vaccination is in the best interests of the child.”

In September, a Saskatchewan court case involving divorced parents who disagreed over the vaccine issue made national headlines, with the judge ultimately siding with the father, who wanted their 13-year-old daughter to get the vaccine.

In December, an Alberta judge ruled in favor of a woman who was arguing with her ex-husband over whether her children would be vaccinated against COVID-19, the first such case in the province.

In a similar case in Quebec, a Supreme Court judge ruled in favor of a mother who wanted her 12-year-old child vaccinated against the father’s wish.

“There may be an unusual case where a parent may be able to prove that a vaccine for a particular child is not warranted, and that would be very rare and you would have to provide strong evidence,” Pinsky said.

“Theoretically, if one could show a medical cause with a given evidence, there would be an issue. Otherwise, the assumption would be that vaccinations are in the best interest of the child.”


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