Harris County accident: Texas deputy chasing a suspect in his vehicle collides with another car, killing driver and injuring child passengers

The deputy was pursuing in Northeast Houston a car suspected of involvement in a previous armed robbery that refused to stop due to a traffic stop, Houston Police Assistant Chief Chandra Hatcher He said at a press conference.

The deputy turned on his car lights and sirens as he approached an intersection, Hatcher said, where he crashed into a black car. The authorities do not know which vehicle caused an initial collision with the other.

Hatcher said the woman who was driving the black car at the scene has been declared dead. A child of approximately five years old was hospitalized in a critical condition and a child of approximately two years of age in stable condition.

At one point, Hatcher said, the attorney’s car caught fire and people rushed into a nearby store to pull the attorney to safety.

The deputy has been taken to hospital and is in stable condition, according to Hatcher.

A total of seven cars were involved in the accident, Hatcher said, and three other people were taken to area hospitals with minor injuries. The authorities did not mention the deputy nor those who were in the other vehicles.

“First of all, on behalf of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, I would like to extend our condolences to the family of the deceased lady and also pray for the full recovery of the two children injured in this incident,” Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said at the press conference.

Gonzalez said in a tweet on Twitter that the suspect being pursued by the lawmaker fled the scene.

Houston police are leading the investigation into the crash, and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and Harris County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the collision, according to Hatcher. Gonzalez said at the press conference that the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and Houston Police will work together on the theft investigation.


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