Guida letteraria del gusto, da Gadda a Camilleri – Libri – Altre Proposte

Elena Paul’ (Edited by), Literary Guide to Tasting. Food and wine pages from the greatest writers of all time and latitude (TSEdizioni, p. 224, €17.90)

Jada’s Eaters and Agatha Christie’s Pudding, Montale Lemon and Manzoni Polenta, Arancini Camilleri and Madeleine Prost’s Famous: It’s “an anthological journey that celebrates the joy of the table, between nutrition and coexistence. It enlivens” those proposed by TSEdizioni which publishes, also in e-book form, “a guide Literary Flair. Food and Wine Pages by the Greatest Writers of All Times and Latitudes”, edited by Elena Boulet. The volume, in bookstores from January 13th, after The Red Thread of Food, traces the literary heritage of the world in an evocative way. A curious read, not only for the many meanings food poses – from narrating the history of peoples to the symbols, even the mystical ones it represents, to being a source of pleasure and an instrument of remembrance – but because it allows you to find in your memory or discover timeless pages of literature. As the curator explains in the introduction, the book offers the reader a “path inevitably consisting of ‘tasting’, which aims to stimulate a hunger for good reading (and good food), in which food dishes are combined with delicious food courses, for which elegant and elegant banquets at free passing tables are known. via futuristic menus, aphrodisiac tips, and poetic recipes.”

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