GOP zeroes in on Biden’s immigration record ahead of midterms

Stephen Miller, the architect of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policy, is among a group of policy hawks urging Republican Party officials and candidates to exploit what they describe as Biden’s blatant weakness, after crises at the border.

“I’m very open about the fact that the Republican Party needs to look up first now, and get to work and get to work to bring this issue to the center of our national conversation,” Miller told CNN, adding that he was. In discussions with Republican Party officials and candidates with whom he has previous relationships.

But with or without Miller’s direct interventions, immigration is poised to infuriate Democrats. The ebbs and flows of immigration patterns are usually beyond the control of any US president in office, but Biden has faced criticism from both the left and the right.

Recently, the White House made a change of mind about whether immigrant families dispersed under the Trump administration deserve compensation. Initially Biden said they did, but after heavy criticism his administration withdrew from the negotiations, which reportedly included a figure of up to $450,000 for each individual affected by the policy, and now the Justice Department has outlined its arguments against the recent payment. Court filing.

The administration’s immigration policy challenges come as Biden’s approval rating dips. A Quinnipiac University poll on Wednesday showed the president’s approval rating at 33% agreeing with 53% disapproving, with another 13% offering no opinions. Other relatively recent surveys have shown it has a somewhat higher approval rating, but similar numbers on disapproval.

And in December, a survey found that Biden’s immigration approval ratings – 40% – were lower than his overall approval number at the time.

As a result, Republican strategists expect immigration to play an important role in this year’s primary after months of criticism over the administration’s handling of the US-Mexico border.

“When it comes to how he looks next year, I think you’ll see that a lot in the primaries, and I think you’ll see that in more conservative areas and if the candidate performs poorly among Republican voters,” one Republican strategist told CNN. But the strategist cautioned that focusing solely on immigration is unlikely to help sway swing voters, and will instead be cited as a failure of the Biden administration, among other issues.

In Arizona, where there is a major US Senate race, state Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who is suing the Biden administration over immigration policies, included border security in a video launching his Senate campaign, featuring a headline about his struggle. To keep Trump’s immigration. Rules.”

In Texas, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who will be re-elected, has similarly defied policies in court and hurt the Biden administration over the arrival of thousands of immigrants to the southern border of the United States.
It is not limited to border countries. In Pennsylvania, the Republican candidate for governor Lou Barletta Hop on flights Transfer of immigrants to the state – a routine practice.

Referring to border security, Dave Carney, a Republican political adviser, said, “Republicans don’t have to do anything to make it an issue. It has become an issue.”

Some observers argue that the administration’s lack of an immigration strategy has contributed to confusion and frustration. That’s a concern for Representative Henry Cuellar of Texas. Cuellar, who has been critical of the administration’s approach to the border, told CNN he has repeatedly heard from voters who share similar concerns.

“They think the Democrats are pretty much an open border,” Cuellar said. “And they feel like they’re not doing enough.” To be sure, Republicans jumped on the issue.

Massive increase in immigrants seeking asylum in Arizona overwhelms border guards
It could be a particularly difficult topic for Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona, who is seen as one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the Senate. The Arizona-Mexico border recently faced a wave of immigrants that took over the resources. Despite Democrats’ victory in the state in 2020, Republicans are relieved that voters have grown nervous of Democrats’ control and will punish the party at the ballot box in 2022.

The Biden administration has stuck to some Trump-era policies, including a public health order that allows the expedited expulsion of immigrants encountered at the border and, following a lower court ruling, a policy that forces immigrants to remain in Mexico until they arrive. US immigration court dates. But this did not protect Biden from criticism from the right, and instead frustrated the left.

Immigrant advocacy groups have repeatedly expressed disappointment with the administration’s maintenance of border policies under Trump and the expulsion of thousands of immigrants encountered at the border over the past year.

“One side fills the area with a narrative and the other says almost nothing,” he said. “As a result, many swing voters who find Trump’s ruthlessness resentful resent Biden for what they call the store’s thinking and the lack of a plan,” he said. Frank Shari, president of Voice of America, an immigrant advocacy group.

“Democratic candidates will have to compete over who has the best solution, who has the best immigration solution, and by focusing on the issues that motivate Democratic voters,” he added.

Anti-immigrant groups see an opportunity to capitalize on that this year. “How can the Republican political apparatus not seize the most obvious, and second most obvious, political opportunity that Biden has opened to Republican candidates?” said Dan Stein, president of the Federation of American Immigration Reform, citing inflation as the number one issue.

Stein said the group plans to invest millions in problem-based advertising this year and roll out additional Spanish-language ads — a first for the group.

Arturo Vargas, CEO of the NALEO Education Fund, cautioned against viewing Hispanics as single-issue voters, but noted that campaign ads in English and Spanish are generally important to reach all segments of the electorate.

In 2020, Trump, despite his tough immigration policies, made a way among voters in Hispanic regions nationwide. The Republican National Committee plans to take advantage of this and ramp up its outreach to Hispanic voters, according to a spokesperson for Emma Vaughn.

“The immigration issue cannot be synonymous with the Latin issue, which often happens with candidates and campaigns,” Vargas said. “There are certainly sections of the Latino voter for whom immigration reform is a top priority and they will hold the candidates accountable for whether they get immigration reform.”

To that end, Democratic lawmakers vowed to continue to seek a path for immigration reviews after the Senate member of Parliament rejected multiple attempts to include immigration provisions in the Rebuilding Better Act.


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