Francia: balletto di cifre sull’adesione allo sciopero degli insegnanti – Politica

Figures among the government and unions are accustomed to joining the teachers’ strike today against the confusion caused by the proliferation of anti-Covid health protocols that President Emmanuel Macron wants to combat the Corona virus in schools. According to government figures, 38.5% of teachers joined today’s strike. Instead, SNUipp, the first primary school association, announced its 75% membership. According to the union, one in two primary schools remained closed. In middle and high school, 23.7% of teachers were mobilized in the course of the protest, according to the ministry, while the Snes-FSU High School Federation, the first high school union, indicated a membership of 62%.

French Prime Minister Jean Castix sees the trade unions representing public education employees on strike to protest the confusion caused by the proliferation of anti-Covid health protocols the government wants to combat the coronavirus in schools. Castex “responded positively to the request for a meeting, which was directed to him by the unions.” The press service of the Prime Minister reported in Paris. The meeting will take place at the Ministry of Education, in the presence of the minister in charge of the sector Jean-Michel Blanquer, who has come under heavy criticism in recent days. The Minister of Health, Olivier Veran, who has just tested positive for the Covid virus and has therefore been forced into isolation, will participate in a video conference.

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