France’s Christiane Taubira backs leftwing primary, enters race – POLITICO

Bondy, Paris – Former French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira announced Sunday that she will run in the primaries for the 2022 presidential election in a bid to break the “stalemate” on the French left.

“I declare that I accept the rules of the popular primaries,” she told supporters at a market in the town of Bondy, near Paris. “I will take and accept the dangers of democracy and I will accept its rule.”

As many as 300,000 people have registered to vote in the left-wing primaries called the “popular primaries” organized by left-wing civil society activists. Voting is scheduled to take place at the end of January.

Tobira’s move threatens to further uncertainty in the race as most of her rivals have refused to take part in the primaries ahead of the presidential election in April. Green Party candidate Yannick Gadot argues that his party already held an internal vote in September, and that Socialist Party candidate Anne Hidalgo does not want to participate without the Greens.

Tobira, who is black, became a popular figure among progressives in part thanks to her lyrical defense of same-sex marriage while being subjected to verbal racist attacks during her tenure. A recent Ipsos poll showed that Tobira was the most popular politician among left-wing voters, ahead of Gadot and Hidalgo.

Tobira appealed to her rivals to submit to the vote as “the last chance for a possible union on the left”.

“We want to run the country together…so we must accept the rule of the primaries,” she said. “We have nothing to fear from primary voters.”

On Sunday, Tobira’s plea appeared to have fallen on deaf ears. talking on French TV channel LCI, The far-left candidate, Jean-Luc Melenchon, confirmed that he would not participate.

“She is not in danger of democracy as she says, she is facing a panel of people and we have no idea how to choose them,” he said, adding that Tobira’s approach was “contradictory” because she said she wanted to “bring our Turks together” but adds another nomination.

On Saturday, Hidalgo appeared to shut the door on her participation in the primaries, after initially calling for a vote in what was seen as a move to move her bid.

According to Politico polls, Melenchon will receive 9 percent of the vote, Gadot 7 percent and Hidalgo 4 percent, putting them behind current President Emmanuel Macron, conservative Valéry Pécres and far-right candidates Marine Le Pen and Eric. beep


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