Fabi, 311 mld aiuti per i prestiti, con stop sarà emergenza – Economia

There is 311 billion in public aid for bank loans to tackle the pandemic. This emerges from an analysis by Fabi.
The department sees 60 billion in de facto moratorium, in the face of 500,000 grants suspended, 3 million loan applications, more than 220 billion Mcc-guaranteed loans and 31 billion disbursed by Sace. Some measures are no longer active, others will expire in a few months “with the result that 1.2 million individuals, including families and businesses, may find themselves in great difficulty: the scenario is a liquidity emergency that could lead to disruptions and bankruptcy.”
Two years after the pandemic began, the balance sheet of secured loans shows “mind-boggling numbers because if the impact of the virus on the Italian economy is deep and widespread, the measures enacted by the government were just as correct,” Fabi highlights.
“Some of the support measures introduced by the government are no longer in effect and others will expire in a few months: it is therefore necessary to provide all public assistance to businesses and families, both by reactivating the moratoriums on old loans and by extending guarantees on new loans after the deadline. Effective June 30. Therefore, I fully agree to the appeal made to the Italian government by the head of the ABI, Antonio Battoli”, confirms the General Secretary of Fabi, Lando Maria Sciglione.

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