Equilibrio, tra Marin e Siegal, è di scena la danza – Teatro

Queen of nouvelle danse française Maguy Marin, between the consumerist world of her own Umwelt (to the music of her faithful collaborator Dennis Marriott) and the work encounter of Alessandro Sciarroni, in a distant dialogue between two golden lions. Opposing generations in creations such as Duo D’Eden and In a Landscape. Hence the satire of Silvia Gribodi, which was inspired by images of Botero, bringing on stage 10 R.OSA exercises of new virtuosity, the disrespectful analysis of body expression, women and the social role they occupy. Until the grand finale at the celebration for the first time in Rome with American star Richard Segal. After two years of forced hiatus, Equipoise returns to the scene, the 16th edition of the Contemporary Dance Festival that will present from 12-26 February the best international choreography to the Auditorium Parco della Musica with a program of 7 evenings and 10 titles for as many companies ( 5 choreographers, 3 choreographers, 3 golden lions and 4 Italian premieres). The new coordinator of the festival, Emmanuel Massi, is the current artistic director of Bolzano Danza. “Balance is the theme of this edition – explains Massi – the perfect balance between the always attractive poles. The balance between aesthetics and ethics, between idealism and materialism, between new projects and expected returns, between environment and technology, between Italian dance and Italian dance international choreography, between dynamism and sustainability, between tradition and hybridization, between “high” culture and folklore, between subtlety and simplicity, between body and mind. “The exhibition reborn – adds Daniele Pettieri, CEO of the Fondazione Musical de la All Rome – is an extraordinary event that we want to celebrate with a grandiose program so that Equipoise can once again become the ‘Festival of Contemporary Dance in Rome.’ After the preview with the Roman apparition The first by Greek choreographer Dimitris Papayano in the spin-off at the Argentina Theater January 28-30, Bill officially opened in the ballroom on February 12 with a double date: Flash Mob Re: Rosas! sponsored by the National Academy of Dance, based on the show Rosas danst Rosas directed by Anne Teresa Keersmaker; and the Italian premiere of Promise, featuring renowned Israeli choreographer Sharon Eyal, making her Equipoise debut, combining the physicality of contemporary ballet with electronic music. She followed her composition path from the start, returning instead with the show Another Round for Five. Tradition does not diminish, with Basque company Kukai Dantza at the Oscars Italian premiere. By the creator of Marcus Mourau. New this year, Night at the Theatre, a workshop produced and created by the Music Foundation of Rome for children aged 7-12 with artist Marco D’Agostin and show by Joseph Kids by Alessandro Chiaroni. Between the screening of films and documentaries about the performances of artists for review, also to close the bill, on February 26 there is a double date: with the Italian premiere of Carbon Song Cycle, an original creation of Equipoise produced by Fondazione Musica per Rome and the American Academy, with PMCE on the music of American Pamela Increase and perform dances by Francesca Benigni of Coletivo Cinetico. Then Treble, Richard Segal’s show with Ballet of Difference shared three of his designs: a futuristic one, frenetic Metric Scores and Jelly, an irrepressible party (and satirical critique of the pop industry) in glamorous costumes from designer Bernard Wilhelm.

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