Emma torna in gara a Sanremo, dirige l’orchestra Francesca Michielin – Musica

Exactly 10 years after winning with the song Non è dell’Inferno, Emma, ​​having co-hosted Sanremo in 2015 with Carlo Conte and after stepping on the Ariston stage several times as a guest star, returns, for the 72nd. / edition of the festival (1 -5 February) with “Every time it is like this” (Polydor/Universal Music Italy), a piece written by the artist himself with Davide Petrella, composed by Davide Petrella and Dario Faini and produced by Dorado Orchestra Conducting Company for Emma will be Francesca Michelin’s associate.

“When Francesca told me she wanted to run the orchestra for me in San Remo – says Emma – I didn’t hesitate, I said yes. Sharing this stage with another artist who participates in a ‘different’ way.” Its forms. I am happy and honored to be by my side on this adventure! A way to celebrate her ten years of her career and to prove how brave we are and how much we love music.”

“For me, this is my new first time in Sanremo – says Francesca Michelin -. I will return to the Riviera, but in a new role, that of conductor. I am proud to share this experience with Emma, ​​the first artist I have always respected, and who has followed her career since the first audition. Her which I watched on TV only a few months before I met, which changed my life.I have always considered Emma to be a straightforward person, without retrograde ideas.I love her way of being and I am also honored to be able to compare myself to an orchestra of great masters and to experience the festival from another perspective, organizing Dynamics and interpretation of a beautiful piece with and learning musicians. A wonderful mission statement.”

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