Djokovic faces another night in Australia detention before court hearing

Novak Djokovic will spend Saturday night in Australian immigration detention before seeking a court ruling to stop his deportation, so the world number one tennis player can claim a record 21st title at the Australian Open, Reuters reported.

Court documents released after a preliminary hearing in federal court on Saturday showed Immigration Minister Alex Hawk decided to revoke the Serbian star’s visa because his presence could bolster opposition to COVID-19 vaccination in the country.

It will be the second time in detention for Djokovic, who spent four nights in Australia in a hotel reservation before a judge released him on Monday after it was found that the decision to cancel his visa on arrival was unreasonable.

“Although I … accept that Mr Djokovic poses a negligible individual risk of transmitting COVID-19 to other people, I consider his presence to be a risk to the health of the Australian community,” Hook said in a letter to Djokovic. and his legal team.

That interpretation in Djokovic’s affidavit is more detailed than Hook’s summary statement on Friday, which said his decision was based on “reasons of health and good order”.

Judge David Ocalagan set Djokovic’s appeal hearing at 9:30 am on Sunday (2230 GMT on Saturday), with a decision on whether it will be held before a single judge or a full court that has yet to be decided.


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