Djokovic: a Belgrado nuova manifestazione in suo appoggio – Europa

BELGRADE – Hundreds gathered today, for the third day in a row, in front of the Serbian Parliament in Belgrade to express their support and solidarity with Novak Djokovic, the world’s number one tennis player always in Melbourne, at a hotel for migrants and asylum seekers. To his position which is considered irregular under Australian legislation on the obligation to vaccination and antiviral prevention measures. The father of the champion, Srdjan Djokovic, who was present at the rally with his wife Dijana, said: “Now we can no longer talk about the Australian Open, it is not an ‘open ‘, but a ‘closed’ tournament. “The people and the whole world are with him – everyone supports him, Orthodox, Muslims and Buddhists. For him that equals more than winning a dozen Grand Slams. You have seen the support given to him in front of the hotel.”
For her part, Djokovic’s mother thanked everyone who came to demonstrate for her son despite the cold and bad weather. “I know you don’t sleep for him. Please pray for him to give him the strength to overcome what happened to him in Australia,” said the Serbian champion’s mother. Novak Djokovic will remain confined to the hotel until his lawyer’s decision on the appeal, which is expected on Monday.

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