Dakar 2022, macchina a fuoco: c’è un ferito. Si indaga su un attentato

A Sudecars car caught fire outside a hotel and a person was taken to hospital. Saudi authorities strengthen controls and security: Aso does not confirm but in the makeshift camp there is a rumor that it was a bomb, not an accident

From our correspondent Paolo Ianieri

The Dakar Edition No. 44 hasn’t even started yet and there is already the first yellow colour. Yesterday evening, Aso, the organizing company for the organization of Dakar, issued a press statement, informing it of an accident outside the Donatello Hotel in Jeddah, where a team car caught fire after his arrest. . One person, and it is not known whether the driver or passenger, was injured and taken to hospital.

Investigations and Security

Also in the press release, there was talk of an ongoing investigation, but as a precautionary measure, the Saudi authorities, in constant contact with the authorities, had implemented all necessary measures to ensure the safety of participants and fans, in light of this. The start of the match scheduled for tomorrow with the dispute over the lead all the way to Hail, where the first real stage will be held on January 2nd.

device hypothesis

As the hours passed, no news was announced from the organization, while a rumor spread within the makeshift camp about how to destroy the car (one assistant, one for hire? That sense) it belonged to the French Sodicars team, which in this edition spreads seven crews between cars and trucks, With the premise that it was not a simple accident, but an attack with a small device placed inside the car. However, at the moment, neither Aso nor the Saudi authorities receive confirmation of this hypothesis.


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