Da Achille Lauro a Iva Zanicchi, i 25 brani – Cultura & Spettacoli

Between pop, urban and a splash of rock, here are the songs of the Sanremo Festival when you first listen.
Achille Lauro with Harlem Gospel Chair – Sunday On the record books for his fourth consecutive run (last year he was a regular guest), Lauro seems to be lacking in ideas and suggesting a (less successful) version of the successful Rolls Royce, using the same words and same allure. The question remains whether he makes fun of the audience. Voting: 6-

GIUSY FERRERI – HONEY Josie collects songs, and returns with a more overheard song, a small, Arabic folk song, composed by David Petrella. Reassuring pop music illuminated by his black voice. Autotune is also awarded at the end. Rating: 6

Michel Braffy – Winter of Flowers An intimate piece, which also appears to have autobiographical references. A song that moves between the orchestra and the electronic one. Rating: 5.5.3

RKOMI – Unbeatable King of the 2021 Charts with Taxi Driver, the rapper removes the whim of the album’s mention also in the Sanremo song. Rock rap to the beat of drums and guitars. Too bad it has an already overheard aftertaste. Rating: 6

Irama – Wherever you are Last year, it ranked fifth in “smart work”. This year it’s clear that he’s aiming for much more, with a piece with a classic body, which doesn’t conflict with that. We can bet the audience will be on his side. Voting: 7-

NOEMI – I love you and I don’t know The award winning Mahmood-Faini puts their stamp on this song. And you can hear it all, in their typical barometer (intercom Elodie). A powerful song with which Noemi continues the path of change. Rating: 6+

Massimo Ranieri – Beyond the Sea For his return to the Riviera, he chose Fabio Illacoa as the author. The sea, past and present migrations, hope for a better future. Another world, another song. Ranieri plays a tournament of his own. Critics Award? Rating: 7.5

AKA 7EVEN – That’s perfect Lots of adoring kids are waiting for him on his debut in San Remo. A song between rap and pop, but it is not convincing. Voting: 5-

Emma – This is every time Emma is more unpredictable and more mature and perceptive. His powerful voice puts himself at the service of the composition written by David Petrella and the music of Dario Faini. Romantic and sad pop music. Rating: 6.5

HIGHSNOB & HU – Take care of yourself A journey into the world of hip-hop, for an unprecedented couple, however, can’t find the key to making their mark, despite mentioning shibari, the Japanese equivalent of slavery. Rating: 5.5.3

IVA ZANICCHI – I want to love you Classic couldn’t be more classic, with text not up to par. And certainly nothing else can be expected. However. After years of absence, Eva could have been better. Voting: 5-

DARGEN D’AMICO – Where do you dance The songwriter responds to the intents of the song’s title and sounds the alarm to the beat of ’80s dance music. It refers to the epidemic and the “Mediterranean nightmares”, diving into the reality that surrounds us. Voting: 7-

Sangiovanni – Butterflies The King of Summer with Malibu brings a captivating new piece to go with the song of summer, on the sound of autotune. He will get full marks for the smallest of them. Voting: 6-

Two days – now and here The winner of Sanremo Giovanni, who passed directly among the adults, shows his passion for the soul. The warm and mellow sound that takes you back to the depths of the Midwest. make your eyes on. Rating: 6.5

List Actor – Hello After performing well last year, the duo are back in San Remo with a cut-out and everything to dance to, from the vibes of the ’70s and ’80s. Rating: 6+

Mahmoud and Blanco – Thriller The Golden Couple of Italian Music. It’ll be full of likes, even if the duo doesn’t look exactly the same. They sing love without genres. Vote 5.5

GIANNI MORANDI – Open All Doors Diving into the 1960s, Morandi enjoys a piece of art by Jovanotti that also dazzles with electronics. A shot of joy and positivity perfectly suited to the eternal boy. Rating: 6.5

Matteo Romano – Viral Another piece in Vine’s hand. In the text, social networks, the world from which Matteo comes. The fitting piece for a 19 year old passed by Sanremo Giovanni. Rating: 6.5

Vibrations – a lot The rock guitar that sings love even in a time of hunger when there was “the air that united us in a thousand people”. Only the band is in competition. Rating: 6

Fabrizio Moro – You too An intimate and autobiographical piece, in quintessential Moreau style, it’s also the soundtrack to his film. Rating: 6

Elisa – Or maybe you are Go back more than 20 years after the 2001 triumph and make a choice on that too. Fantasy ambiance, with a crystalline sound opening to the arches. Rating: 8

DITONELLAPIAGA The Leader – Chemistry A funny, even unsettling piece, with a candidate imperative to stay ahead. Electronic pop music that brings together young and old. Dance bomb. Rating: 7

Giovanni Tropi – Your father, my mother, Lucia The festival bet, set by Amadeus, in a refined style that could be alien to the festival crowd. Heir to Paolo Conte and loved like him in France. Rating: 6

tananai – the right gender Urban career for Milan youth, with a pass won by Sanremo Giovanni. Rating: 6

Anna Mina – Two hundred thousand hours The Queen of Summer hits with Rocco Hunt, who signs off on the script. The Latin share of the festival but it does not penetrate. Rating: 5


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