Covid: Sindacato medici ospedalieri, non contare casi è un espediente di equilibrismo – Cronaca

The new hospital patient counting system for Covid, which separates hospitalized patients for other reasons, as requested by districts, “Just a way to balance accounting. A three-card game with two Italians in the role of an inexperienced bystander.”
Thus the Hospital Directors’ Syndicate Annau Asomed, underlining how hospitals are now “full of infected patients and it does not matter if they are taken to hospital due to covid-related illnesses or if they find out they are infected by going to hospital”.

The patient admitted to being Sars-Cov-2 positive, as National Secretary Carlo Palermo explained in a note, “requires dedicated personnel bound by long dress and undress procedures, as well as isolation in designated spaces, specifically created, generally by re- Diverting others. Not to mention withholding rooms used for diagnostic examinations due to sanitation procedures and difficulty in emptying RSA, long-term care, or home. All reasons why a change in the calculation method is ineffective for the purpose of reducing hospital workload.”

All hospitals “have obvious staffing problems” and “in Italy which has a low rate of beds per inhabitant, diversion of wards sets limits for accepting ‘normal’ diseases”. This also occurs in a context that sees “employees immeasurably exhausted”, “frustrated after two years of overwork and frustrated in the face of hostility and aggression”. “The game of tanker ships”, produced by the reconversion of entire sections and the cessation of non-urgent activities, “brings water to the epidemic parallel to deferred services and the cause of future diseases”: this is the conclusion of Annao who asks the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella to intervene.

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