Covid: Sileri, sì al bollettino quotidiano ma per i ricoveri – Cronaca

“Determining how many hospitalizations there are and whether they are omicron or delta, whether they have been vaccinated or not, and whether or not they have other illnesses helps the population to better understand the situation and understand that the vaccine is beneficial and effective.” That’s how Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Celeri, spoke to the microphones on the “Italy Awakened” programme, on Campus Radio Cusano.

According to Sileri, the point is “Should I communicate the positives or recover?”. He adds: “If the data is discarded in this way, without making it clear that most positives are asymptomatic, you are setting aside the conspiracy theorists who have caused havoc in those millions of Italians who for various reasons have not yet come close to vaccination. The data is in a simpler, more form Usability and better explanation definitely brings the vaccine closer. For example, the weekly trend should be given positives, so what Bassetti says is true. Every day you have to give the number of hospitalizations, explaining he-she.”

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