Covid; Proposta delle Regioni: con due positivi in classe 10 giorni in Dad e test per non vaccinati – Politica

Protecting the school’s existence is a priority. This is the position reiterated this morning by the Minister of Education Patrizio BianchiAnd according to what was learned during the meeting that took place with the regional health councils. “For the government it is necessary to protect direct teaching,” Bianchi said during his speech.

The meeting was requested by the regions with the Ministers of Public Education Bianchi and the Minister of Health Speranza, in which the Governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Prime Minister attended.
Regional Conference Massimiliano Fedriga. At the center are measures to combat Covid in light of the reopening of schools.

Districts have proposed new rules on student quarantines. Since the 5-11 vaccination campaign is also launched for primary and sixth grade schools – as is already happening in the following schools – the proposal should be expected, In the case of two positive students in the class, only self-monitoring (5 days) of the vaccinated children and quarantine for 10 days with the father (the latter case expected) and tests at the end of isolation for the unvaccinated. In kindergarten, there will remain a ten-day quarantine for everyone with a smear with only one positive case. The proposal would have found several points of agreement by the government.

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