Covid, nuove regole su quarantena e Super Green pass in vigore da oggi – Politica

The Decree-Law adopted by the Cabinet containing the new quarantine rules and the Super Green Card was published in the Official Gazette today. So the rules are in effect from today.

Today too Circular from the Ministry of Health regarding developments in quarantine and isolation procedures after the spread of the new Omicron variant. No quarantine for asymptomatic people who have received a booster dose, completed the initial course of vaccination in the previous 120 days, or recovered from SARS-CoV-2 infection in the past 120 days, with a commitment to wear FFP2 masks for 10 days at least. The period of self-monitoring ends on the fifth day. In the case of high-risk contacts, health professionals should also perform daily smears until the fifth day.

An extension of the Super Green permit should arrive in action at the beginning of the year, with the CDM in place on January 5. The new law, which is being discussed despite “black smoke” in the last two CDM mechanisms, will be discussed again in the Cabinet which may be held on January 5. And already on the 10th of the same month, a “semi-lockdown” for non-vaccinators will come into effect (that is, the mandatory Enhanced Green Certification everywhere, except for essential shops and services).

Decree in loss The text reviews quarantine rules and expands the super green traffic commitment to include various activities including public transportation. Commissioner Figlolu is expected “in agreement with the Minister of Health” to sign a “memorandum of understanding” with pharmacies and authorized retailers to limit the price of Ffp2 masks “until March 31, 2022”. The government will monitor the price direction. Quarantine does not apply to those who have been in close contact with Covid-positive subjects within 120 days of completing an initial course of vaccination, recovery or booster. However, it is necessary to wear the Ffp2 mask for 10 days. If symptoms appear, a rapid or molecular test should be performed immediately, and if symptoms persist, it should be repeated on the fifth day after the last contact. This is what emerges from the draft Covid decree, according to which the end of quarantine or self-monitoring is a negative result of a rapid or molecular examination, even in licensed private centers. Fines from 400 to 1,000 euros already expected for those who do not respect anti-Covid rules have been extended to the new rules on quarantine and the Super Green Pass commitment. This is what we read in the draft Covid decree approved by the Cabinet yesterday. It is also conceivable that the administrators of the new services and activities involved are “required to verify that access” is carried out in accordance with the new rules and the possession of the Super Pass. Activity will be closed or suspended from 1 to 10 days also for hotels, festivals, fairs, conferences and parties after the festivities – where a Super Card is required; If Ffp2’s commitment to cinemas, theaters, shows, and counter beverage rules are not respected.

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