Covid: il Regno Unito verso l’eliminazione del Green pass – Europa

The British government is moving towards scrapping the Green Passage in England, which was introduced just a month ago for entrances to discos and mass events.
It could happen on January 26, when the anti-Covid measures stipulated in the so-called Plan B to counter the Omicron variant will be reviewed. This is what we have read in the UK media, according to which the Health Minister, Sajid Javid, has had a strong share in the impatience with the testimony already voiced by many Conservative MPs, particularly the hundreds who voted against its introduction in Council of Municipalities (it was only approved Thanks to the voices of the Labor opposition), referring to an open rebellion against Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
It is also believed to be ditching the reference to working from home, another measure stipulated by Plan B restrictions, while the use of masks in public transportation and stores will remain. And this is in light of the “encouraging signs,” Javid said yesterday, that arrive: infections are decreasing on a weekly basis, as is the case for hospitalizations, while according to many scientists, the wave unleashed by the Omicron variant of the Corona virus has arrived. Its climax and the UK is now navigating towards its exit from the difficult period. In the meantime, Scotland and Wales have already relaxed some of their restrictions.

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