Covid, fonti Cts: il bollettino dei casi deve rimanere inviariato – Cronaca

The flyer representing Covid cases must remain unchanged. According to what has been learned, this will be the trend that emerged during today’s meeting of the Scientific-Technical Committee regarding the request of the provinces to change the ways of counting Covid patients in hospitals. The experts, again according to the commission’s sources, had reiterated the need to continue counting even asymptomatic patients who are hospitalized for other reasons but who have tested positive for the virus to monitor the progress of the epidemic and identify variables.

Possible modification of criteria for hospital-positive COVID-19 stats “does not work”. The numbers of injured, the trend of those in the hospital in the medical field and in the intensive care units, yet it is an extra burden on hospitals and fatigue of professionals. Doctors feel lonely.” So the president of the Federation of Medical Requests (Fnomceo), Filippo Agnelli. Minister Speranza “should evaluate the requests of the provinces carefully and with appropriate wisdom. We are calling for measures to control the epidemic, not plastic surgery, which – he says – hides the tragic nature of the epidemic and its spread.”

“Doctors – explains Agnelli – feel lonely. They are alone in defending citizens’ right to health, even before they enter into their own professional and work discomfort and not recognizing their social role.” He stresses that adjusting the standards “cannot be a compensatory process that conceals the catastrophic nature and extent of the epidemic. The trend of positives in hospitals in non-critical areas and in intensive care, whatever their number, increases the burden on hospitals and regional care pathways; and reduces professionals working for two years in managing The pandemic, and professionals who feel, in fact, on their own, while public institutions also pursue the understandable goal of avoiding new restrictive measures. It has not harmed the safety and working conditions of operators nor the health of citizens.”

Positive patients, “even if they are hospitalized for other illnesses, still need isolation procedures, and dedicated staff, who are bound, as the Annau-Asomed union points out, to long dressing and undressing procedures – adds Anely -. They are stealing human and economic resources. To the system He should also take care of all other ailments.” And again: “These days, due to the high number of injuries, the re-conversion of entire departments, the diversion of staff to infected patients. As a result, hospitalization and non-urgent interventions are being postponed, with the risk that the clinical conditions of patients and matters worsen, waiting lists lengthen and the relative burden overburdened In the end, we will all pay the price, the doctors and the citizens.”

Therefore, President Fennomcio concludes, “We ask the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, to carefully evaluate the demand for the regions and with correct prudence, to represent to Prime Minister Mario Draghi the bitterness of the medical profession and to request measures. That by controlling the epidemic, doctors and workers can do their work in conditions Suitable for maintaining health.


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