Covid, continua la battaglia sul ritorno a scuola. Toti: ‘tenerle chiuse le scuole è poco utile’ – Cronaca

Districts in no particular order on re-covering schools. Center-right Ligurian governor Giovanni Totti takes the side of the reopening.

In a completely open country, keeping schools closed is not only a bad sign but is of little use. The kid doesn’t go to school while the dad and mom go to the office but that same kid can go to the gym, play soccer and eat pizza with his friends? It’s surreal. Ligurian Governor and Regional Health Adviser Giovanni Totti said this during Domenica In, on Rai1. I would set simpler rules: If you feel bad, stay home while you have a fever and then wait a couple of days as a precaution and then go back to class – and stamp -. And if your classmate is doing well, he will continue to go to school.”

Also of the same opinion Matthew Bassetti. “Not reopening schools is a huge mistake. Closing them did not help. The young student stays in school for 5 hours and is constantly monitored: he has a mask, he has the distance, there are teachers… 19 hours left where do you think the boy goes? He will go to the gardens and to the chapel. Today we can’t stop this virus, it’s faster than us. If we close schools we close the problem after 10 days start over.” An infectious disease specialist in Genoa told Domenica In, on Rai1. “Let’s avoid running forward and making the boys lose – he concluded – it seems to me that they are the ones who lost the most with this nonsense from the school agent who is my father.”

Instead, the ruler of Calabria takes sides in order to postpone Roberto Okioto. “In Calabria, we vaccinate in schools. We are the first region in Italy to increase vaccinations compared to General Figliolo’s goals thanks to families and children’s sense of responsibility. Perhaps it would have been appropriate to postpone the reopening of schools for 15 days. It was not, but the time for controversy is not the time controversy.” Roberto Okioto, president of the Calabria region, told Tg2.

The management of positive students in the school will fall to the “already severely stressed” health system, in the context of the “analytical shortage of health workers in each sector, which is the result of choices made at other times”. This was pointed out by the head of the Marche district Francesco Acquaroli In a Facebook post dedicated to restarting after the end of the year vacation. Acquaroli explained that “the regions have asked the central government to postpone the resumption of studies after the holidays because the current regulations expressly forbid, in both the yellow and orange regions, measures to be taken with regard to Abe,” stressing that the postponement has been requested. of many.” But “the conclusion of the story is there for all to see. The central government itself has considered that it is not possible to extend the return to class to all and also that the results, in the case of positive students, must be managed by already highly stressed system” notes, recalling “the atavistic shortage of health workers”, as a result of “the choices made” at other times.”

“Back to school is important because it is a safe place with masks and distance. The face-to-face lessons are also important from a social justice point of view: there are realities in the area, like some areas in the south, where there is still little access to wifi.” The Extraordinary Commissioner for the Covid Emergency said this, Francesco ViglioloTo the “Half an Hour More” program on Rai3.

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