COVID-19 modelling: Omicron has ‘eclipsed’ past waves

New modeling shows that the Omicron variant has “overwhelmed” all previous waves of COVID-19 in Canada and a “significant wave” of new cases is expected.

According to data released Friday by Public Health Canada (PHAC), even with the current level of public health measures and community restrictions, the country is set to see a rapid acceleration in new infections in the coming weeks.

Director of Public Health Dr Theresa Tam says Canada should prepare for 3,562,450 cases and up to 32,600 cumulative deaths by the last week of January, although those numbers are somewhat uncertain due to reduced access to testing and reporting of COVID infections. -19.

Modeling also shows that severe disease trends are increasing given the currently widespread national transmission rates, and as a result new daily admissions to hospitals are also expected to rise in the coming weeks.

As of the last federal modeling update in December, the delta variant was the dominant strain, but in the following weeks, Omicron as the dominant variant in this country has surpassed previous expectations.

The highly contagious variant has led to record levels of new infections across the country, has seen more active cases than at any other time in the last two years of this pandemic and has led to ongoing concerns about the hospital’s vast capacity.

Many areas have returned to virtual education for students and have closed or significantly reduced capacity in businesses such as gyms, theaters and restaurants as in previous waves of the pandemic.

As federal officials sought to cheer Canadians frustrated, tired and angry about the COVID-19 crisis, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned that they will likely have to “shelter” this winter before seeing a “better spring.”


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