Cheney says McCarthy ‘clearly trying to cover up what happened’ on January 6

“We’ll evaluate our options, but we’ll get to the truth,” Cheney, a Wyoming Republican, told CNN, when pressed about the committee’s options to deal with the House minority leader’s refusal to cooperate.

Earlier Wednesday, McCarthy said he would not cooperate with a committee request to voluntarily provide information, including details about former President Donald Trump’s state of mind during the Capitol attack and in the weeks that followed.

“As a representative and leader of the minority party, I feel neither regret nor relief that I have concluded not to participate in this select committee’s abuse of power that pollutes this institution today and will harm it in the future,” the California Republican said in a statement.

He accused the committee of “not conducting a legitimate investigation,” citing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s refusal of some of his picks to serve on the committee, and claimed that it “serves no legislative purpose.”

In response, Cheney accused McCarthy of trying to hide the truth.

“I wish he was a brave and honorable man,” she told CNN. “Obviously he is trying to cover up what happened. He has an obligation to move forward and we will get to the truth.”

The committee’s request to McCarthy, detailed in a new letter, cited many of the previous comments McCarthy made in the wake of the riots, including interviews in which he discussed his conversations with Trump as the violence erupted.

“Obviously, all of this information has a direct bearing on President Trump’s state of mind during the January 6 attack as the violence was ongoing,” the statement said, providing a window into what the committee wants to discuss with the minority leader.

The committee also made it clear that it wanted to question McCarthy about his communications with Trump, White House staff and others in the week after the January 6 attack.


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