Cdm sci: Kilde vince discesa 1 Wengen, Paris 9/o – Sci

Norway’s Alexander Kelde, second in the Super G on Thursday, won the first CDM touchdown of Wengen at 1.42.42, on the short 2,950m track of the famous Lauberhorn downhill. For fellow American champ Michaela Shiffrin, that’s a success 11/o in his career and 5/o for the season. Second – after winning the Super G – Swiss Marco Odermatt with a time of 1.42.61 and is increasingly in full swing to win the World Cup. The third was the other Swiss Beat Feuz at 1.42.72.
He recaptured the blues with Dominik Paris 9/o 1.43.42 and Christof Innehorfer 13/0 at 1.43.73, both of whom are only contenders up to second out of the four middlemen. Matteo Marsaglia’s return at 1.44.22, only 12/h Austrian world champion Vincent Krechmeier, is in the midst of a heated controversy. Kriechmayr was impeached in Austria, unable to even participate in a regression test, a condition so far insurmountable to be competitive: the FIS jury granted him an opt-out.
The race – under perfect weather and snow conditions – started late due to the fall of two runners, the first of whom was taken to hospital by helicopter for examination.
Get off tomorrow on the entire original Lauberhorn track, the longest in the world at 4,480 metres. After Wengen at the age of 35, Swiss Carlo Janka, 2010 World Cup winner, one world gold medalist and one Olympic medal, is retiring from competition due to back problems. It closed the day at 1,43.61 just behind Paris.

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