Cdm sci: Goggia la più veloce nella 2/a prova discesa Zauchensee – Sci

Blue Sofia Jogja, dominating the season after winning the first three races, set the best time (1’47” 19) in the 2/Test due to the regression of the CDM tomorrow at Zochenense, followed by Super G on Sunday.
Behind Jogja, who scored the second best time in the first round, is the Czech Ester Lidka and the Swiss Lara Gut Bahrami.
For Italy there is in particular the eighth time for Nicole Delago at 1’48” 47 and 12/h for Federica Brignoni at 1’48” 76.
To this day, American Brizzy Johnson, who last season was three second places, was the only sprinter who tried to keep up with Goggia, did not take part in the test due to physical problems. So he shouldn’t be able to compete tomorrow

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