Caterpillar: gruppo del Nord Italia interessato a sito Jesi – Economia

(ANSA) – Ancona, January 14 – “A glimmer of negotiations.

The possibility of re-manufacturing the site through the acquisition by another group. We will closely follow the development of the case. This was stated by Marche’s regional business advisor, Stefano Aguzzi, regarding the Jesi caterpillar dispute, which the company has announced is closing.

“The online meeting between the parties held by Mise on Friday, January 21. – recalls Aguzzi (the call arrived late yesterday) – the Marche area will be present.” While on Thursday, January 20, he paid a visit to the factory of potential new buyers”, a group from northern Italy that makes engine parts for agricultural machinery.

“This meeting represents an essential step – continues Agozi – in the meantime it helps to calm the atmosphere and create an opportunity for negotiation that I hope will lead to the resolution of this dispute. For my part, there is the utmost satisfaction because this table starts with the possibility, which obviously will be assessed, for a possible acquisition, Thus re-manufacturing that site through acquisition by another group.” “I am particularly satisfied – explains Aguzzi – because it is an entrepreneurial group in northern Italy that I have already been in contact with for a few days: I preferred to contact the ministry to check the real development possibilities of this initiative.” (Dealing).

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