Nitrogen Hypoxia Suicide Approved in Switzerland

Swiss Info presents this story about the approval of a capsule for nitrogen hypoxia suicide in Switzerland. The CJLF takes no position on the ethics or legality of assisted suicide. This development is noteworthy, though, for its relationship to the development of nitrogen hypoxia as a means of executing killers. Existing methods for both involve … Read more

A Footnote on Qualified Immunity

There is not much criminal law procedure in the US Supreme Court today. No new cases were accepted for full review, and there are no opinions from the court. There is one issue of qualified immunity in the chain of command opinion box. The case indicates the court’s unwillingness to make any major changes in … Read more

Should Ex-Felons Be Allowed to Serve As Jurors?

A felony conviction in California means that a convicted person will not only spend time in a county or state prison, but will also lose many rights, such as the right to own firearms and the right to vote. A felony conviction also means that no one can serve on a jury. While there are … Read more


The California Supreme Court issued a ruling that strictly limits a prosecutor’s ability to convict an accused of attempted murder based on the “murder zone” theory of responsibility. In cases where defendants are accused of attempted murder under the kill zone theory, prosecutors were able to defend the defendant’s intent to kill every member of … Read more

California’s Cash Bail Phase Out Is On Hold

Sixty percent of people arrested in California have never faced a criminal charge. According to one study, as many as 48,000 inmates in the county jail have not been convicted of anything. In many cases, these people are serving a prison sentence because they cannot pay bail to secure their release. The recent change to … Read more

3 Men Exonerated After 36 Years Imprisonment for “Georgetown Jacket” Murder

After serving 36 years in prison for falsely convicted of murder, Alfred Chestnut, Ransom Watkins, and Andrew Stewart were released. Their acquittal came after a review of their case She revealed that police coercion of witnesses led to the wrongful conviction of the three men. Case History On Thanksgiving 1983, Chestino, Watkins and Stewart, who … Read more

Supreme Court Sides with Therapists on Child Pornography Reporting Law

California Supreme Court decision could have major ramifications for the law Require therapists to inform patients who, during treatment, admit to viewing or downloading child pornography. Since 2014, the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA) has required therapists to contact law enforcement any time a patient admits to such acts—due to the expansion of … Read more

Are Gun Stores Essential During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Are armories necessary during the Corona Virus Pandemic? The short answer is to stop! Gun sales across the country are skyrocketing as people panic buy firearms during the coronavirus pandemic. As everyone tries to safely navigate new social distancing measures, there is dispute over whether firearms stores and gun ranges should be considered essential business. … Read more


In August of 2020, a divided panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decided in the Duncan v. Becerra states that the Second Amendment prohibits the state of California from prohibiting (under California Penal Code Section 32310) the sale of large-capacity magazines (LCM) ammunition, which is defined as magazines containing more than ten rounds … Read more