Caro Bollette, il governo accelera. Si lavora ad un decreto entro gennaio – Politica

During the Christmas period, the Minister for Environmental Transformation, Roberto Cingolani, handed over to the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, a preliminary document containing a package of ten measures (including structural measures) to contain the expensive bills. The Cingulani document serves as the basis for a provision on the subject (perhaps a law decree) that the government intends to issue by the end of January. ANSA learned of this from government sources.

According to the Democratic Party, the issue is a priority. “The increase in the cost of energy is one of the priorities in which the Democratic Party calls for a swift commitment from the government, with measures that reinforce measures already put in place in recent months and with the recent budget law,” says Chiara Braga, Director of Environment at the Party Secretariat. “Resources are needed to support the hardest hit economic sectors, energy-intensive manufacturing, and SMEs, and also by providing budget variance, structural allocation of ETS auction proceeds and working out viable hypotheses for producer sharing and financing at this point. They are making a profit. additional”.

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