Can cutting meat consumption save the planet? | Food

From: sincere

The world’s food system drives a third of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions.

According to some scientists, changing the diet to avoid eating meat and dairy products may be the key to reducing one’s impact on the planet’s environment.

A recent “Meat Atlas” report by several environmental groups found that 20 livestock companies are responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than Germany, the United Kingdom or France.

Director Kip Andersen, producer of the 2014 film Cowspiracy, says methane from cows is only part of the problem.

“The really bigger problem is land use,” Andersen says, “90 percent of the corn and soybeans in the Amazon that are grown all go to feed livestock. And so, what you’re doing is removing all these amazing carbon sinks, which are trees, and you’re just destroying them.”

This week in sincere, Mark Lamont Hill talks to filmmaker Kip Anderson about the impact of the food industry on the environment.


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