Calcio: ecco 61/a collezione Panini tra tradizione e novità – Calcio

“Last year we celebrated 60 years and the story continues. Now we are here with a version of change: the idea is to innovate in tradition.” Antonio Allegra, Panini’s Italian Market Director, presents “Calciatori 2021-2022”, the 61st edition of the official collection of Panini labels unveiled today at the Lega Serie A headquarters in Milan. A 128-page album in maxi format with 742 stickers has many innovations, starting with the stickers themselves: for Italian Serie A players there will be not only the classic “half-length”, but also the image of the football player in motion. The album “Calciatori 2019-2020” opened with a page dedicated to the “symbols” of the Italian Serie A, then moved on to the 20 clubs in the first division to which four pages were dedicated with 22 players, coaches and jerseys. Then follow the pages dedicated to Serie BKT (20 teams with 18 player stickers), Serie C, Serie D and Women’s Serie A. Also new is the Panini Digital Collection Serie C, with three digital albums dedicated to the Serie C collections and photos of more than 1,300 players from Lega Pro clubs.

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