British MP suspended over botched apology for bullying – POLITICO

LONDON – A British Member of Parliament will be suspended from Parliament for one day after failing to provide a proper apology for bullying behavior and breaching confidentiality rules.

Governor Daniel Kawczynski was ordered to apologize in the House of Commons in June 2021 after the standards watchdog found he was “repeatedly rude, aggressive and impatient” towards staff, as first reported by POLITICO.

However, before offering his apology, Mr Kawczynski told BBC Radio Shropshire that he was only doing so because he had “no alternative” and would face further penalties if he refused.

In the same interview, he provided identifying details of the employees who had complained about him.

This led to a new complaint about his behavior, and the Standards Committee found in a Thursday report that he had breached confidentiality requirements and failed to comply with requirements for an “unequivocal” apology.

In its report, the panel noted, Kawczynski was “slow to develop insight” into how his remarks affected complainants and that he “focused too much on his personal ‘journey’ rather than the harm he might cause to others.”

The report added that the MP’s actions “caused significant damage to the reputation and integrity of the House of Commons”.

Kawczynski told the committee he would not contest the results, but that the operation was the “most painful experience” of his life.

He will now be asked to deliver another apology to the House of Representatives and will be suspended for one day.


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