Brasile: roccia crolla su barche turisti nel lago, 7 morti – America Latina

The temporary toll of a rocky column collapse on some boats sailing in a tourist lake in the southeastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, firefighters said, has left at least 7 dead, 32 injured and 3 missing.
An earlier report reported 5 dead and 20 missing. Firefighters said the number of missing people was initially estimated based on testimonies, tourism agencies and relatives.
A large piece of rock broke its face and fell onto three boats sailing in Lake Firnas, famous for its green waters and a stunning parade of rock walls in Mina Gerais. A police officer was quoted by the BBC as saying that at least three boats that may have separated due to heavy rains have been injured in recent days.
A video circulating online shows the moment the rock fell as some people watching the scene screamed to try to warn the passengers of the boats below.
Divers scan the waters of the lake for the missing. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro shared the video on Twitter, noting that the Navy is also engaged in rescue operations.

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