Borsa: Milano chiude settimana in calo con Moncler e Ferrari – Economia

The last session of the week fell for Milan (Ftse Mib -1.08% at 27,543 points). Moncler Black Jersey (-3.6%), Ferrari (-3.87%) Interpamp (-3.13%). Among the stocks under Generali’s perspective (-1.52%) after Caltagirone’s resignation from the board of directors while Consob and Ivass pursue the situation. Mediobanca, a shareholder in Leone di Trieste, sells 1.19%.
On the other hand, Leonardo showed a good pace (+1.9%) with the helicopter order to Austria and the holding of 260 million German and Spanish Eurofighters for the radar. Oil purchases with Eni (+1%) are on the rise in WTI and Brent.
The economic contraction of Enel (-2.2% 9, Erg (-1.9%), Iren (-1.14%) while the government is developing more measures aimed at mitigating the impact of high bills on families and businesses. Tim is also positive (+0.69%) ) waiting for the board of directors next week on the CEO and Atlantia (+0.75%) after the top management reorganization to issue the reference shareholder which also boosted its stake by a 33% increase and closed the spread slightly at 132 points (131 points opening) with a 10-year Italian yield years at 1.27 per cent.

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