Bollette: Unioncamere, pmi nel 2021 hanno pagato 13% in più – Economia

(ANSA) – ROME, Jan. 13 – For energy, natural gas, water and waste, SMEs in 2021 paid 13.3% more than they did in 2020.

From the balance sheet prepared by Unioncamere-BMTI on the evolution of tariffs paid last year by Italian small and medium-sized companies for the main public services, it turns out that the most sanctioned were non-food stores, spending on which increased from + 20.3%. The increases in fruit and vegetable stores were less pronounced (+8.7%).

The increases in spending depend mainly on the trend in the cost of supplying electricity and natural gas, which rose respectively by +15.3% and +22.2% in twelve months. Conversely, adjustments were contained to the tariff for water services (+3.5%) and waste service in regional capitals (+2.4%). For these two services, there is a clear regional variation, due to the peculiarities and infrastructure gaps that exist in the regions.

The 2021 increase partially offsets the 2020 cuts.

Indeed, if the time period is extended, between 2016 and 2021, spending on users of local public services for some of the most widespread businesses registers an average increase of +7.2%.

The increase, calculated as the average of some types of company profiles, was particularly marked by natural gas bills (+ 11.5%). Also, spending on electricity increased (+5.3%) compared to five years ago. Significant increases were also in water service (+11.8%, spending on municipal waste management service was stable (+0.2%) (ANSA).

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